Market Segment Profile

This market segment profile is for people who are a single income couples with kids. Their age group is probable between 18 and 30. Income would probably be approximately $35000 per year. They probably live in a suburb area in an apartment complex or a rental home. They wouldn't own their home. This group probably has a lot of the adults who either smoke or drink or both. Maybe they want to stop. They enjoy their free time when they can between one of the adults working all the time and the other taking care of the children. Desired features could be like functionality and price wise. Also, lots of couples like this are very brand loyal to different products because they probably don't have the money to replace items so they go with experience and buy what they need under that brand.

Products that they would like would be like Kroger brand food for example. Some of them would be looking for an apartment complex that was cheaper but nice. When looking at cars they would look at functionality, price, and dependability.