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Spiral and Elliptical galaxies

Spiral galaxies

Spiral Galaxies are known for their winding spiral looks. They are made up of hot new stars and gases. The bulge in the middle is thought to be a supermassive black hole; it is though blocked with Gases not telling what it really is. The arms of the galaxies can length from 530,000 light years to the other tip of the arm. The galaxy that we live in is called the milky way galaxy. Scientist believe that elliptical galaxies are older forms of spiral galaxies. It is located 12 million light years away from the hubble space telescope.

Elliptical galaxies

Elliptical galaxies are usually round and long from one axis. Elliptical galaxies are the most abundant galaxies in all of the universe. They are very dim and older than their sibling galaxy, Spiral. They can stretch up to millions of light years long. It can also contain up to trillions of stars. Elliptical galaxies are basically an older version of spiral galaxies. This causes it to contain more stars that are older/dimmer and less gases. This make Ellipticals hard to find. Elliptical Galaxies can be located up to 62 million light years away

Interesting Facts

  • Spirals are newer than Elliptical Galaxies

  • Spirals have brighter and newer stars with more Gases

  • Spirals starts at 12 million light years away

  • Spiral galaxies are spiral shaped

  • Ellipticals are older forms of the Spiral galaxies

  • Have more stars but are older and less gases

  • Ellipticals start around 62 million light years away

  • Ellipticals are rounded and longer around the axises

  • Both Have Black holes in the middle

  • Both Have stars and gases

  • Both contain dust

  • They both are held together by gravity

  • They both have a certain shape


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