Banff National Park

Canada's First National Park

What Will You See

Banff National Park, established in 1885 , is Canada's first national park and third in the world. The park consists of 6,641square kilometers which is at the heart of the Canadian Mountains. Snow-capped peaks, glistening glaciers and an amazing view is just a part of the park. If you love wildlife then Banff park is for you! The park has a variety of animals. The ones you will see most often is the black bear and the grizzly bear.

What Can You Do

The real question is what can't you do! Their is whitewater rafting, hiking, bird-watching, fishing, canoeing, mountain climbing, skiing and a bunch of guided tours! Also you can play 9 rounds of golf! The park is open all year round, so you can come any time you want! The park gets over 4 million tourists a year. Come to Banff National Park and you will be apart of that 4 million!