Roman News

The fire of great Rome

The fire of Great Rome started on July 18th, 64 A.D. Some people believe that our emperor Nero started the fire on his own desires. We believe he started it to kill many Christians and other peasants. Other believe that emperor Nero is innocent since he was at another city visiting during the fire. They believe that he might have order his men to pretend to be drunk and to set fire to the city. We do not know for certain, so if anyone has information we ask you to come forward.

Some people believe this was an act of violence against the Christians while others believe it was just an accident. Either way it did a lot of damage to the city. This fire has cost many people their lives and we hope that this terrible event was not done on purpose. We wish that we knew how this happen, but we do know where the fire started.

The fire started in one of the markets with flammable goods. Sadly it was a very windy night and so the fire spread quickly. It occurred in a very urban and dense environment, the damage was unbelievable. It destroyed three of our districts and damaged eight more. It took 6 days to put out the blaze. It will be a long time until our city is completely rebuilt.


Last week we asked you to send in your thoughts about our ruler Nero and we got some interesting results back. We picked a few to share.

“I dislike Emperor Nero. He has ordered my entire families’ land to be used as a camp ground to train his troops. His troops came to obtain my land and I tried to refuse. I am sad to say that burned down everything I own. My family was respected but now we are homeless and our leader will not help us.”

“I hate Emperor Nero. He ordered me and my troops to conduct terrible acts. By the next day, many of my troops wanted to resign because we could not take the pressure anymore. We didn’t realize then that we could not walk away freely.”

It seems like many people have a strong opinion of our leader. We got a lot of negative letters. Hopefully Emperor Nero doesn’t take it too hard. For next week’s paper we would like to hear about who is your favorite athlete in the games.

Human Interest

This week we are focusing on one of our past Emperors. Lucius Aurelius Commodus was one of fourteen children of a royal family. He was the only child to make it to adulthood. His father trained him so that he would be prepared to take over the thrown for him after he passed away. He was successful in his training because he led his father’s army when he was only 10. He along with his friends from his childhood helped him become the emperor of Rome. Once in power he appointed his friends as senators.

At age 18 he took up the title of Augustine. He was a joint emperor with his father. His father did this because he wanted to make sure his son was ready to rule Rome on his own. His father wished to help him as much as he could but he knew that his son would soon have to rule by himself. Augustine helped many people by creating a better education system. He did this by encouraging that kids should stay in school until 15.

At the age f 40, he became one of the greatest emperors. He was able to help the poor and greatly helped the economy by increasing trade and decreasing taxes. By lowering the taxes Rome was able to trade easier. He died at age 60 while fighting a rebellion in Brittina. He was a great emperor and he will be remembered in history.

restaurant Reviews

We had a busy week going around Rome’s new restaurants. We tried lots of dishes and some great dessert. Unfortunately not all of them made the cut! We will take you inside some of the best and worse meals from the week. Stay in tuned because we are starting with the best restaurant from the week.

Neptune’s seafood made the top of the list. They had some of the finest and freshest fish in all of the Mediterranean. They had such a variety. Their menu included swordfish, blow fish, and the tasty salmon. I had the salmon and pasta dish. It had a tangy taste and was seasoned nicely. My side dish, I had a creamy sauce that had a kick. My favorite part by far was the dessert. It was the most wonderful gelato I have ever eaten. I must say olive gelato sounded weird, but I recommend to everyone!

Pluto’s pasta on the other hand was not so good. It truly lived up to the God Pluto’s name; dead. The food itself tasted rotten and was swarming with flies. I had the steak and pasta apparently. It did not look like steak and pasta. It was not the color that steak and pasta should have! I thought the restaurant was going to do better on the dessert but I was wrong. I had the peach cobbler but it had more than peaches in it. I found my steak inside my cobbler. I do not think I will be visiting them again.


The coliseum sports keep getting better and better! The lion fighting, the fighters are strong and faster to take on the beasts. One man was able to slay the lion by through his blade through its heart! He now wears the pelt around as his trophy. Many people, including myself, wish I could have seen it but so many people were not able to get tickets to the event.

The marathon this time was fantastic! We were able to see John the fast fly by everyone on the track. People love his background story. He started his life poor yet managed to become this huge superstar. He has won more races than any other athlete. Many people, including his family, love him because he uses his new found fame to help his community by using his money to help his small town. He provides food and clothing and hopes that one of the children becomes the next big runner.

The boulder throwing contest is the newest craze in the sports world. Mike the strong was able to throw many boulders over the 40 feet in this weekend’s competition. We wish him good luck since he will be heading on the finals next weekend. He will be going against some of the best throwers from all over Mediterranean. I believe he will do a great job and hopefully he will win Rome another Championship.