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By Jordan Bailey

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Clarence Kelly Johnson was in February 27, 1910. He lived in a small town called Ishpeming Michigan. Kelly graduated from Flint Jr. College and the university of Michigan. Kelly went to get a degree in system engineering. He later went to work for Lockheed. There he created a lot of different types of fighter jets but the one that is the best is the SR-71 Blackbird.

Now think, if Kelly never built these planes we wouldn’t have won the Korean War.

Kelly grew up with 8 siblings. He was the second oldest. When he was twelve he went to work in his dads work shop. Then he deicide he wanted to build airplanes. He saved up $300 for flying lessons. The pilot said no. So he went to college and then went to work at Lockheed. His second year he met with the British Air Misty to show his designs. They wanted them! They sold over 500,000! They also made $52 Million!

Kelly got married three times. The first wife was Althea Louise Young 1937. She passed away in Dec 1969. The second wife was Marylyn Elberta Meada. She passed away in October 13, 1980. The last wife was Nacey Powers Horriga.

Kelly won many awards but he won the Collier Trophy Twice.

Tom swift is the person who inspired Kelly. Kelly had read every one of his books as a kid