L.T.Memo 2014

Where's Rachel ?

As we begin 2014 I've been thinking of ways to keep people in the JSL loop about events and news, and have overheard quite a few 'Have you seen Rachel?'s on my travels around the building. This LTMemo will start the year with some useful information for you.

My role includes teaching in all Key Stages, ESLT, lunchtime clubs, cross-school liaison with LTM & IS Development group, Digital Leaders, Parent Workshops, tech management, etc. This means that when you don't see me - I will be working somewhere, but that's maybe not where you are :-).

Please refer to the list below which shows my main timetable and this term I'll add in a fortnightly overview of key events on my calendar which should help you with this.

Plus: Not at the office ? Check the sign on my door which tells you where I am headed ..

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Main Timetable Throughout the Week

Monday: Y5/Team Meeting/Support Programming Club

Tuesday: Gate Duty 8.30-45 / ESLT / Workshops / Y6

Wednesday: LTM Day / Cross-School Liaison / Projects

Thursday: Gate Duty 8.30-45 / FS / Lunch Duty FS1 12.50-13.20 / Y3

Friday: Y4 / iBook Club / Media

Y1/2: teaching and liaison variable time slots

Jan 13 - 24th LTM Fortnight Ahead

Monday 13th

After school: Y5 Planning, demo Flobot to team Y1 teachers


9-10 a.m. Parent iPad Workshop - Helen Sharman Suite

After school: iPad session on Brushes Y2 teachers




Afternoon: support India Day Y3


Lunchtime iBook Club

Monday 20th

After school: demo hall media unit to KS2


9-10 a.m. Parent iPad Workshop - Helen Sharman Suite

Wednesday > Friday

Rachel @ BETT Excel with BSN ICT Team


Lunchtime: NO iBook Club

Smore Bulletins

Smore is great as it provides reader feedback e.g. who receives it, opens or clicks on links etc. This is very interesting and as I endeavor to share more information, please take the time to read it. This term I am sending a smaller, but fortnightly bulletin to enable you a quick read, that hopefully is more manageable than previous versions.