Chilly Fall Lights

New and Exciting News About our School

Talking with Mr. Budisch

The other day I had a conversation with a parent who wondered about our reading program. I was very excited to talk with this person who wanted to know more. During our conversation, she mentioned she had heard from a number of people who had some questions, but didn't come to school to ask questions. I encourage each and every one of you to visit with your teacher or me when you have questions or concerns or positive comments about our curriculum or our RtI program. I have been writing over the past two years about the changes in our school's program, and there have been a few. Getting from good to great is a terrific challenge to have for all of us and it encompasses our entire program of academics, extra-curriculars, and staff development. I applaud the parents who take those moments to learn more about our reading, writing, RtI, and other intiatives. Learning never ends.

Celebrate Good Times. . . .Merton Way and Food Drive

Our children, over the course of the first quarter, behaved so well that our Mustang Corral was filled with good behavior mustangs! The whole school was invited to wear pajamas for Friday and we had showed short movies during lunch as a celebration! WhoooHoooo!!! Our staff recognized children who acted in the Merton Way, without encouragement or a reminder, with a mustang. This past Wednesday assembly we had a presentation about how we can continue to believe in the Merton Way and understand making good choices can make school a great place to be. Ms. Kohnert showed a animoto video about the Cap Day and Wear Red Day during the Red Ribbon Week-there were lots of pictures of our terrific kids. The whole assembly had a fun time with seeing friends on the big screen. Ask if your boy or girl has gotten a mustang recently. We start a new corral this quarter.

Thanks so much for your support of our Food Drive. Please see the picture below to see what one of our students did to make a difference-100 cans of veggies!

Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessments of our young, emerging readers

During conferences, you may have had a conversation about your child's reading level. This past summer, our teachers were trained to assess the children with a more rigorous assessment tool. Two highly regarded and research-based teachers of literacy, Fountas and Pinnell, have given teachers the deep and rich information to learn about children's progress in using strategies while they read. Improving fluency and comprehension are our targets. Since this is our inaugural year for using F+P assessments, there may have been an adjustment in your child's reading level. The reading levels will sort themselves out as the children continue to grow in their skill levels. We will continue to have salient conversations about the data we receive, and how our instruction can be adjusted to help our kids perform.

Wednesday Morning Assembly

Here is the link to the information from the assembly we had as an entire school this past Wednesday.