Wayde King and Brett Raymer

by Tyler Shaw and Isaac Aza

Waydes Education

Wayde as a young boy grew up around aquariums, him and his five sisters were always at the family aquarium. However he went to school to become a diamond cutter, he went to a machinist school where he learned to use tolls with his hands. He went to california and met the people who made tanks for him mom and he became friends with them. He decided to move to Vegas and get into the aquarium building business.

Brett Raymer starts to attend Stony Brook University

Wednesday, Jan. 1st 2014 at 12am

Near Manhattan Beach

Brett Raymer stops to attending Stony Brook University

Wednesday, Dec. 31st 2014 at 9pm

Near Manhattan Beach

Brett Raymer moves out to Las Vegas to live near his dad

Saturday, Jan. 1st 1994 at 12am

Las Vegas

Wayde and Brett's relationship

After Brett moved to Las Vegas to his dad he met Wayde. Wayde was working on an aquarium for Bretts father and the two of them became friends. During this time Wayde worked for a small company that he did not own himself. Over the course of a few years between Brett moving to Vegas and Wayde getting his own shop, Wayde met Bretts sister and the two fell in love.

Wayde gets his own aquarium shop

Wednesday, Jan. 1st 1997 at 12am

Las Vegas

The previous owner decided to retire and hand the company over to Wayde.

Wayde and Brett's partnership

After getting his own store Wayde decided to name the place ATM. He also hired Brett as his COO for the company. Wayde hired Brett because of his business skills and his people skills. Wayde became the lead designer on all of aquariums and both of them became very knowledgeable in aquatic life. The two of them would go on to have one of the worlds leading aquarium building company and also to have their own hit show on Animal Planet.


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