Summer Reading- Forge

By Laurie Halse

A sequel from the book Chains

The sequel from the book Chains, Forge takes a different path. Instead of the adventure of Isabel finding her enslaved sister Ruth in Charleston, you now take on the perspective of Curzon, Isables companion in escaping the Locktons. After a fight about finding Ruth Isabel takes all their money and deserts Curzon. He then, stumbles upon a boy his age in a struggle with a British redcoat, he intervenes and saves the boys life, he then rejoins the Continental Army by chance, and so the story begins.

Set in the chilling cold at Valley Forge

This book takes place the camp of Valley Forge in the late 1770s. This book mainly focuses on the construction of the soldiers temporary homes or 'Huts' to keep out the cold of winter, and it also shows how much better life was if you where an officer, More food, never cold, and even to an extent, the slaves where fed better than the soldiers.

Main Characters

Guaranteed to make you want to read the next book

Final Thoughts

This book in my opinion was better than the original, Chains. I thought this because it had a lot of character development and the plot was just better in my opinion. I thought this because Forge focused more on historical events and i like history so it was a good match for me. Plus it had glimpses of the everyday lives of the men at Valley forge