Dawes County 4-H Newsletter

February 2016

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February is Nebraska 4-H Month!

Dawes County 4-H Fair Theme and Promotional Poster Contests

Get your creative thinking cap on and enter in the Dawes County 4-H Fair Theme and Promotional Poster Contests! All entries are due by March 3. Poster entries will be used throughout the year to help promote 4-H in Dawes County!
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4-H Special Edition Ready for Print

Thank you to the 4-H members who submitted articles and photos for the 2016 4-H Special Edition. This newspaper insert will come out in the Chadron Record the first week of February. Extra copies will be available in the Extension Office and area businesses.

The Dawes County 4-H Jr. Leaders greatly appreciate everyone's input and the generosity of the area businesses and supporters who purchased advertising. Special thanks also goes out to the Chadron Record and staff members Kerri Remp and Julie Pfister for their countless hours of work on this project. The Record also donated a full color front page!

Finally, thank you Christi Yeatts for taking care of the in office paperwork, helping with editing, and all the other jobs you quietly do so well. You are a valuable asset to the 4-H program!

Dawes County Shooting Sports Receives Donation

By Jessica Fisher

In November 2015, Norm Martin of Marbow Music and Archery and John Sturdevant and Matt Fisher of Sturdevant’s Auto Parts, teamed up to buy new archery bows for the Dawes County 4-H program. Together they purchased 4 archery bows, 2 Matthews Genesis bows and 2 Matthews Genesis Mini bows. These bows make it easier for kids to learn the proper techniques of archery, confidence, and a sport they can enjoy both indoors and outdoors. These bows have been an excellent addition to the program since many nights all four bows have been used. Thank you Norm, John, and Matt for your donation! The youth who are enjoying the archery part of shooting sports meet every Thursday evening at the fairgrounds. For more information, contact Roger Eaton, Leader, or the Extension Office.

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2016 Project Resource Central Now Available!

    The 2016 Project Resource Central Download is now available.


    Curriculum changes to note:

    • New financial literacy curriculum
    • New career development curriculum
    • New landscape design curriculum
    • Revised entomology curriculum
    • Removal of Take Me Riding project in Clover Kid section

    As more consistency is created across 4-Honline, the State Fair Book and Project Resource Central the following changes have been implemented.

    • Project level identifier changed to match 4-Honline
    • State Fair contests now listed
    • Additional clover kid projects listed


    4-H Judge's Training

    If you are looking to become a judge, improve your current skills, or are just looking for ways to help the 4-H members you work with, then sign up today to attend one of the 4-H Judge's Training that will be held in the Panhandle. Rides will be available to the one in Alliance. Please let our office know if you plan to attend.
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    Nebraska 4-H Foundation Scholarships

    Hey 4-H’ers! Did you know The Nebraska 4-H Foundation provides 4-H members the opportunity to apply for scholarships? Don’t miss out! Scholarship Applications are due March 4th, 2016. You can find the applications at http://ne4hfoundation.org/recognition/ or by clicking on the recognition tab at the top. Good luck!

    Constellation Supports 4-H & FFA

    Constellation supports organizations that are working to improve the quality of life in the communities they serve and have established a contribution program with 4-H and FFA in Nebraska. Each 4-H Council and FFA Chapter in the natural gas choice service area in Nebraska receives a donation every year based on a percentage of their clients. In 2015, Dawes County 4-H received $421 to be put towards educational programming. Since 2008, Dawes County has received $2082 total from Constellation. When it comes time to choose your natural gas provider, please consider Constellation.

    - See more at: http://nebraskagas.com/
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    Goal Setting for 2016

    Source: National 4-H Council - Goal Setting for the New Year: Ask a 4-H Member

    Posted by Diana Hutchinson at 1/20/2016 11:02 AM

    “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

    Did you set goals for 2016, or were you too discouraged from past goal setting attempts to even try? Many people feel inspired around the New Year but feel puzzled about how to set clear and attainable goals. If you are confused about setting goals, ask a 4-H member for help! 4-H youth are leading the way in setting goals, working toward them, and evaluating their success.

    Goal Setting is Integral to 4-H Projects

    4-H empowers young people to choose a topic that interests them and set goals for completing a project. At the end of the project year, members look back and describe how they did or did not meet their goals, providing an opportunity to reflect on what caused them to succeed or not. Yes, I’m talking about Record Books! The Record Book is where they document their goals and explain how they achieved – or didn’t achieve them. Junior members start by setting two goals. Older members are required to set more. That’s right – 4-H’ers don’t just wish, they set goals.

    S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    Before my daughter Julia joined 4-H as a third grader, she had never set goals. Luckily for us, that fall our county 4-H office held a goal-setting workshop led by older youth members. The youth described the five elements of S.M.A.R.T. goals and defined them as:

    AAttainable (or actionable)
    RRelevant (or realistic)

    The youth then led a game where they called out examples of goals and asked if they were S.M.A.R.T. or not. Some goals were missing one of the five criteria; others were complete. It was a fun way for the members to reinforce what they had just learned. We left the workshop with a solid understanding of what makes a goal S.M.A.R.T.

    Achieving Goals Builds Confidence

    Achieving goals is satisfying and builds confidence – a quality we all want to nourish in our children. Yet the process of working toward a goal is also a valuable part of the journey. My daughter hasn’t achieved her goals each year, and that’s OK. By setting goals and being accountable at the end of each project year, she is learning what she can realistically expect from herself. Sometimes the reason she hasn’t met her goals has been out of her control, but that’s OK too. Young people build resilience and grit when things don’t go their way but they don’t give up. And sometimes she has neglected to work on her projects, only to find that she did not achieve what she set out to accomplish. By taking responsibility for her own failure without blaming others, she’s taking a huge step toward maturity.

    Looking Forward

    Before the New Year fades into the distance, here are seven steps to setting and achieving goals:

    1. Set written S.M.A.R.T. goals and post them where you will see them often.
    2. Make a plan for how you will meet your goals.
    3. Schedule time when you will work your plan.
    4. Decide on milestones toward meeting your goals.
    5. Work your plan. Ask yourself “What is the next step I need to take to accomplish my goal?”
    6. Periodically review your progress to hold yourself accountable.
    7. Celebrate that you achieved your goals – or reflect on why not.

    Effective goal setting is a skill that will help youth succeed in all areas of their lives, now and in the future. Have your club members set S.M.A.R.T. goals for their projects this year? Why not sit down together and review the five components of S.M.A.R.T. goals with them. Help them decide on their goals and follow the seven steps as the year progresses. Then when the project year ends, you’ll have two reasons to celebrate: that they achieved their goals, and perhaps more importantly, they learned the life skill of effective goal setting.

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    We Need YOU!

    Get ready to start 2016 by giving back to the youth in our community. We need volunteers in a variety of areas:
    1. Leaders - we need organizational (club) leaders and project leaders to share their time and talents with our 4-H members. Not interested in heading up a traditional club? Then try a SPIN Club (Special Interest) and volunteer for a shorter time frame to teach sewing, cooking, woodworking, electricity, etc. All supplies/curriculum will be provided. We are only limited by our imagination!
    2. Committee Members -Each year, Dawes County 4-H has a variety of competitive events, activities, and camps designed to promote positive youth development. These educational opportunities are helping to teach the life skills necessary to build our next generation of leaders while inspiring youth to become the best they can be. This is not a job for one or two, but requires a family of dedicated volunteers. Please join the 4-H Family and be a part of this amazing transformation.


    • Expansion & Review Committee (Required by 4-H Council By-Laws) - Purpose is to assure equal access by all youth and adults to the 4-H programs conducted by Extension in accordance with the Civil Rights Act of 1974 Title VI. Committee will meet before the October council meeting.
    • Public Relations Committee (Required by 4-H Council By-Laws) - Year round committee with special focus for events such as National 4-H Week (October) and Nebraska 4-H Month (February).
    • County Contest Awards Committee - Meet in May to select items to be used for county contest awards and the fair.
    • Communications & Expressive Arts (Speech / Presentation Contests) Committee - Meet in February, April, and May to plan the Speech and Presentation Contests. Committee members will assist in conducting the events.
    • 4-H Program Awards Committee - Meet in August to plan year end award selection and then again in September to help with the selection process. This includes the selection of Achievement Awards from submitted 4-H Career Portfolios and assisting in finding qualified nominees for the special awards given annually at the 4-H Achievement Banquet. Promote the advantages of award applications and recruit volunteers to assist with the judging process.
    • Day Camps - Meet February through June to plan dates and activities for summer day camps. Assist with camps and recruit volunteers to help.
    • Horse Committee - Assist with planning and conducting 4-H Horse Camp (April - June), Horse Level Testing (Spring - Summer), Summer Horse Workshops (May - July), and the Dawes County Fair Horse Show. Commitment for this committee could extend from January to August.
    • Judge Selection Committee - Assist in choosing the judges for county contests including speech/presentation, clothing, and fair events.
    • Pre-Fair Clothing Judging & Fashion Show - Meet in May, June, and July to organize and conduct the 4-H Clothing Judging and Fashion Show.

    New energy and ideas are a must to keep the program fresh and enjoyable so share your talents today!


    • 4-H Enrollment for Members & Volunteershttps://ne.4honline.com. The process is VERY EASY if you were enrolled last year. There is a "help document" available on our 4-H website: http://extension.unl.edu/statewide/dawes/4h
      Make Checks Payable to Dawes County 4-H Council:
      ($ 3.00 fee) October 1 - June 1;($13.00 fee) June 2 - September 30
    • 4-H Project Enrollment Deadline June 1
    • 4-H Animal Affidavits (ID Sheets) Deadline June 1: Includes Rabbit, Horse, Beef (Market, Breeding Heifer, Feeder Calf), Dairy, Sheep (Market, Breeding), Goat (Market, Breeding, Dairy), and Swine (Market). Be sure to check out the new large animal identification guidelines document available on the 4-H website.
    • Quality Assurance for ALL Market & Breeding Animal Projects Deadline June 1
    • Dog & Cat Vaccination Forms Deadline (if showing at fair) July 15
    • Dawes County Fair Entry Deadline July 15 (without fee)
    • Dawes County Fair LATE Entry Deadline - July 19 (with fee)


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    4-H Alumnus Opportunity

    The 4-H Mall sponsors a Small Business Program offering 4-H entrepreneurial alumni an opportunity to bring their products to a national audience. The first shop went live on April 17th, 2014 with Nevada 4-H Alumnus Chuck McCubbins’ stall and cage tags. Since then, their assortment has grown quickly as many unique items produced by 4-H alums have been identified.

    If you or someone you know is a 4-H alumnus, has a product that appeals to 4-H’ers, and could benefit from display on the 4-H Mall, please share this information with their team by completing this application form. The 4-H Mall site can be found at: http://www.4-hmall.org/home.aspx

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    Results of Market Animal Weight Requirements

    After careful consideration from all parties, the Dawes County 4-H Executive Council voted to pass an increase for minimum weight requirements for market animals to sell at the Dawes County 4-H Foundation Livestock Sale starting in 2017. New weight requirements will be:
    Sheep - 100 lbs
    Swine - 220 lbs
    Steers - 1150 lbs
    Heifers - 1050 lbs
    This decision was made based on the fact that 4-H's purpose is to provide "education for life" and through helping youth understand how to properly grow and finish a market animal that will fall within industry standards, our 4-H program will be improving production agriculture for the future.

    Dawes County 4-H Breeding Ewe Scholarship

    The Dawes County 4-H Breeding Ewe Scholarship Program was introduced in October 2015 by Roy Lambert to encourage greater participation in the 4-H Breeding Sheep program. This outstanding opportunity was due entirely to the generosity of the Lambert family who will donate a ewe lamb to a youth currently enrolled in Dawes County 4-H, who meets member age requirements before January 1. The recipient will receive their lamb at the Sheep / Goat Weigh-In and will be responsible for all care after this time. In addition, the youth must show the lamb at the Dawes County Fair in the breeding class before taking it home to start or improve their own herd. In order to help make this program self-sustaining, the recipient will be required to donate back the first ewe lamb born from the scholarship ewe. Application forms are available online at http://extension.unl.edu/statewide/dawes/4h/ or in the Extension Office. Submission deadline is the last Friday in March.

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    Online 4-H Cat Club - Anyone interested?

    Nebraska Extension Specialist Lisa Karr-Lilienthal is wondering if there is an interest in starting an online 4-H cat club? The goal would be to have 1 meeting or session per month starting after 4-H enrollment deadline. These meetings would be hosted over adobe connect so that all counties would have access to the presenter or expert on the topic area for that session. Lessons would include a brief presentation followed by worksheets or activities done in the Extension Office with our small group and then shared together with all the counties participating. Dr. Karr-Lilienthal would develop lessons to teach about a different cat topic each month.
    • Dawes County will be happy to host this opportunity, but needs an adult volunteer to step up to lead the sessions. Please call the office at 432-3373 by February 15, if you would like to join the 4-H Cat Club or be a leader.
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    Market Animal Classes!

    Meredith Bremer is compiling some great information and teaching sessions on growing and finishing your market animals during the Livestock Judging Classes this year. In January, the topic was cattle and swine. Meredith will be providing information during Market Beef Weigh-In on February 6 as well.


    Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic Livestock Judging Contest

    Source: Brad Bennett

    The 2016 Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Livestock Judging Contest is to be held on Saturday, February 20, 2016, at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds. This is a great learning opportunity for youth as they progress through their judging careers, and an exceptional “warm-up” for State Contests to be held later this year. The Cattlemen’s Classic is a huge supporter of everything youth-related, especially judging and they have graciously funded over $5,000 in awards. We would highly encourage anyone and everyone to attend. More information can be found at http://cattlemens.org/youth/judging_contest.html.

    We will have 8 classes of cattle and will split into two divisions. Juniors (ages 8-13) and Seniors (ages 14-19). These ages are as of January 1, 2016. You’re more than welcome to move a Junior contestant up to the Senior division to make a full team, if necessary.

    If you have questions, please contact Brad Bennett at bbennett8@unl.edu or at 402-472-8834.

    4-H Animal Mortality Insurance Available

    Farm Bureau Financial Services offers a short-term livestock ownership animal mortality insurance policy especially for 4-H and FFA members. Applications are available in our office.

    Companion Animal Challenge and 4-H Horse Stampede

    Companion Animal Challenge:

    The second 4-H Companion Animal Challenge will be held on March 12, 2016, at the Animal Science Complex on UNL’s East Campus. It provides youth a chance to participate in a variety of contests that do not require animals, but allow youth to learn more about their dog or other companion animals. Entries are due February 19. Contests include:

    · Demonstrations (a presentation where youth demonstrate how to complete a task or related to the care of their companion animal)

    · Photography and art contests (open to all companion animal projects)

    · Dog Skill-a-thon

    · Dog quiz bowl

    The youth who participated in the event last year said that it was fun and they learned a lot. Youth do not need to be experts to participate in the event.

    More information available at: http://go.unl.edu/4hcac

    4-H Horse Stampede:

    Being held the same date, March 12, 2016, at the Animal Science Complex on UNL’s East Campus. Entries are due to county offices on February 12. Contests include:

    · Demonstrations (individual and team)

    · Public speaking

    · Quiz bowl

    · Photography and art contests

    More information available at: http://animalscience.unl.edu/horse-4-h-and-youth#tab32

    If you have questions, please contact Lisa Karr-Lilienthal (lkarr-lilienthal2@unl.edu) about the Companion Animal Challenge and Lena Luck (lena.luck@unl.edu) about the Stampede.

    Cow Horse Fundamentals

    Back by popular demand, Kirk Hall is coming to Chadron on March 12-13, for another Cow Horse Fundamental Clinic. The clinic is limited to 12 participants. Contact Marlena Griesse at 308-668-2428 for more information or to register.
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    Large Animal Identification Guidelines for 2016

    There have been some changes at the state level concerning the guidelines for identifying large animals that will show at the Nebraska State Fair and Ak-Sar-Ben. On the county level, our guidelines will remain relatively the same. The guideline handout is now available on our 4-H website under "Animal Affidavits." Large animal exhibitors are highly encouraged to print this off for future reference.
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    Special Garden Project

    The Special Garden Project

    Source: Elizabeth Killinger

    The Special Garden Project is a way to offer 4-H members the chance to grow unusual and fun projects in their gardens. This year it is focused on the colorful, Jazzy Mix Zinnia. This cultivar comes in shades of burgundy-red, red, yellow, and orange with cream, red, or yellow tips. The 1-2” blooms are fully-double and semi-double. These zinnias are a great cut flower that can get 20-26” tall. On average it will take about 75-85 days for the plants to bloom.

    4-H Members enrolled in the Special Garden Project will:

    * Receive a ‘packet’ of Jazzy Mix Zinnias (one packet per youth) in March

    * Receive a newsletter about:

    · Planting & growing zinnias

    · Zinnia problems & insects

    · Harvesting & using zinnias

    · Exhibiting zinnias

    *Be able to enter this unique flower at County and State Fair (Youth must be enrolled in the Jazzy Mix Zinnia 2016 Special Garden Project to exhibit)

    Our office will have a limited number of packets available so please call 432-3373 to reserve your special seeds!
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    Alex Fisher Competes at State Archery

    by Jessica Fisher

    On Friday, January 29, 2016, Alex Fisher, along with his parents Matt and Jessica, traveled to Columbus, to attend the State 4-H Archery Tournament. Alex competed in Cub, age 8-11, compound bow with sights and release. He shot 12 rounds of 5 arrows with a possible 300 points. Alex shot a 290-21X. He received 3rd place in his division! The boys who placed 1st and 2nd shot a 291, so it was a very close competition. Alex is a member of Bordeaux Trappers/Dawes County Shooting Sports. He was very happy to represent Dawes County, and he looks forward to competition again next year.


    Dawes County Shooting Sports Results

    Members of the Dawes County Shooting Sports Club have been active at the Panhandle Best Competitions over the last several weeks. Check out our Facebook page for more photos courtesy of Jessica Fisher! Complete results of all shoots can be found on the Orion Scoring System website: http://www.orionresults.com/dawes.

    RUSHVILLE, January 17

    Results in the BB Gun divisions were:
    9-10 year olds - Austin Bruhn, 3rd; Alex Fisher, 5th; and Ethan Johns, 8th.
    11-12 year olds - Samantha Johns, 1st; Hannah Walker, 8th; Hayden Heine, 11th; Caden Galbraith, 13th. Johns posted the highest score in the Prone and Standing Positions also tying for first in the Kneeling Position. Her overall score of 362 was the second highest score of the 47 BB Gun shooters in all age divisions

    13-15 year olds - Kade Moore, 5th; Kayley Galbraith, 10th.

    In the Air Rifle division, results were:
    8 to 10 year olds - Ethan Johns, 1st; Alex Fisher, 4th. Johns had the high score in the Prone Position and tied for first in Standing.
    11-12 year olds - Samantha Johns was first, posting the top score in the Kneeling Position and tying for first in Standing. Her overall score of 232 was the 6th highest posted out of all 28 shooters.
    13-14 year olds - Kade Moore was 2nd and had the top score in the Standing Position.
    15-18 year olds - Chance Snook was 4th in the division as well as overall.

    MITCHELL, January 17

    Results in the BB Gun divisions were:
    9-10 year olds - Ethan Johns, 3rd; Jorja Pieper, 7th; and Alex Fisher, 9th.

    11-12 year olds - Jada Pieper, 2nd; Samantha Johns, 3rd; Hannah Walker, 8th; Garrett Reece, 11th; and Hayden Heine, 13th. The Dawes County ladies won all the positions with Pieper placing 1st in Standing and tying for first in Sitting while Johns won the Prone and Kneeling positions. Both girls also had scores that ranked in the top six of all 49 competitors with Pieper coming in 3rd and Johns 6th.

    Dawes County did not have anyone participate in the 8 year old division nor the 13-15 year old group.

    In the Air Rifle division, results were:
    8 to 10 year olds - Ethan Johns, 4th; Alex Fisher, 6th.
    11-12 year olds - Samantha Johns, 2nd, Jada Pieper, 4th.

    15-18 year olds - Chance Snook was 6th in the division as well as 6th overall out of 36 shooters.
    Dawes County did not have any participants in the 13-14 year old Air Rifle division.

    In the Air Pistol, Basic Supported, Ethan Johns placed first in the 8-10 year old division with sister, Samantha winning the 11-13 year old Standing Supported. Hannah Walker received 4th place in the 11-13 year old Air Pistol, Standing Supported.

    The next competition will be in Hyannis on February 14.
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    Dawes County 4-H and FFA Members at Black Hills Stock Show Youth Day.

    4-H Culinary Challenge Contest

    The 4-H Culinary Challenge Contest is a great way for youth to demonstrate healthy decision making through nutrition, menu planning, food preparation, and food safety. The state contest will be held on August 27, 2016, at the Nebraska State Fair. Youth ages 10-18 who are properly enrolled in a 4-H Foods & Nutrition Project is eligible. The following flyer will provide more information. The "challenge ingredient" for 2016 is squash!
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    Innovative Youth Corn Challenge

    Nebraska Extension and the Nebraska Corn Board are offering the fifth Innovative Youth Corn Challenge contest. This contest, open to 4-H members (age 10 & older as of Jan. 1st) or FFA members (in-school members), guides participants through all aspects of corn production, as well as agricultural careers related to corn production.

    As a team, youth will be challenged to implement a production practice different than normal to determine if they increased their yield. Economics and sustainability of the practice will also be considered. Yields, cropping history, and production information will be collected in the Corn Yield Challenge management summary.

    Cash prizes and plaques will be given to the first, second, and third place teams. First place will receive $1,000, second place will receive $500, and third place will receive $250. Sustainability, crop scouting and “extra mile” awards will also be given, each worth $200.

    To participate in 2016, youth must complete and return an entry form by March 15th to the Fillmore County Extension Office in Geneva, NE. Forms can be downloaded at cropwatch.unl.edu/youth/activities. For more information, contact Brandy VanDeWalle at brandy.vandewalle@unl.edu, Aaron Nygren at anygren2@unl.edu or Amy Timmerman at atimmerman2@unl.edu.

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    Get Ready for Public Speaking!

    It is time again to get ready for the 4-H Public Speaking Contest! If you are a little nervous about writing or presenting a speech or PSA, then come to Public Speaking 101 on Friday, March 4, 2-4:30 pm, at the Extension Office. With a few tips and a little practice, you will be ready to go for the contest.

    The 2016 Public Service Announcement theme is 4-H Grows Confidence so as you are writing your PSA, be sure to incorporate this idea into it. In addition, all PSA's must include the following tag line within the last 10 seconds:
    "Learn more about Nebraska Extension 4-H Youth Development Program at 4h.unl.edu."

    For more information on how to develop your PSA or speech, please refer to the state website at: http://4h.unl.edu/publicspeakingrules. The only difference will be the addition of Clover Kids for the county contest only. See the flyer below for more information.

    It is not too early to get started as the 2016 Dawes County contest is right around the corner, scheduled for March 28, at Chadron High School Auditorium!
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    Take Time to Say "Thank You!"

    Let's take a moment to recognize a few people who went out of their way in January to "Make the Best Better!"

    Did you know:
    • Christi Yeatts went above and beyond to help the Jr. Leaders with the 4-H Special Edition. You ROCK Christi!
    • Thank you to ALL the 4-H and FFA members who helped out at the Ag. Appreciation Banquet. The Chamber of Commerce Ag. Committee was very pleased with all the help and made a special point of asking me to tell you all "Thank You!" Your efforts truly make a difference.
    • As you read at the first of the newsletter, Dawes County Shooting Sports got a special donation during November. Thank you so much to Sturdevant's and Marbow Music for your very generous gift!

    Stay Informed by Signing up for Dawes County 4-H Remind!

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    Calendar of Upcoming Events

    YEAR AROUND Small Engine Repair - 7 pm, Wahlstrom Ford OR Henkens Roberts Building, Fairgrounds. EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING. Contact Roger Eaton.

    February 6 - Market Beef Weigh-In, 9 am to Noon, Crawford Livestock Market
    February 8 - Extension After Hours - 5 to 7 pm. Get signed up for 4-H and meet our Staff!
    February 14 - Dawes County 4-H Jr. Leader Meeting, 5 pm, Extension Office Conference Room
    February 22 - 4-H is on COMMUNITY FOCUS!, 4:30 pm, Contact Terri if you want to be on the radio!
    February 23 - 4-H Judge's Training, 6 pm, Box Butte County Extension Office, RIDES AVAILABLE!
    February 27 - 4-H visits Prairie Pines Assisted Living in Chadron!
    March 1 - Dawes County Ag. Society Meeting, 6 pm, 4-H Building, Fairgrounds
    March 4 - Public Speaking 101, 2 - 4:30 pm, Extension Office Conference Room.
    March 4-6 - KCSR Spring Home Show, EXTENSION WILL BE THERE! Assumption Arena, Chadron.
    March 6 - Livestock Judging / Market Animal Workshop, 2 to 5 pm, Vetter Building, Fairgrounds
    March 12 - Companion Animal Challenge and Horse Stampede, East Campus, Lincoln
    March 12-13 - Cow Horse Fundamentals, Fairgrounds in Chadron LIMITED REGISTRATIONS!
    March 18 - PSA and Outline due to the Extension Office
    March 21 - Speech outline due to the Extension Office
    March 28 - Dawes County 4-H Public Speaking Contest, 6 pm, Chadron High School Auditorium.

    Market Beef Weigh In Dates in our Area:

    Market Beef Weigh In Dates: Youth are encouraged to weigh animals in Dawes County, however, if an emergency arises, they may go to a neighboring county. If you do weigh at another county, you must pick up your tag from the Dawes County office to take with you.

    Dawes County - February 6, 2016, 9 am to 12 pm, Crawford Livestock Market

    Box Butte County - February 27, 9-11 am, Hemingford.


    Animal Science Youth Field Day In Curtis, NE NCTA Campus Thursday May 26, 2016

    Open to all youth ages 8-18. Variety of workshops will expose youth to various animal care, production; Quality Assurance; other livestock teaching stations

    Sprint Startup Your Business in Curtis , NE NCTA Campus Thursday- Saturday May 26-28, 201. Forty-eight hour workshop for 17 & 18 year old motivated & determined students to launch a business. Learn startup skills in a hands on environment with entrepreneurs your own age. Students will learn ideation, team formation, customer discovery and how to pitch their business.

    Be sure to check our Facebook page and website regularly for any changes or additions to our calendar. New activities are added as a volunteer steps forward or when a need is uncovered. Don't miss out on the fun!

    Dawes County 4-H Executive Council

    President - Clint Phillips
    Vice President - Suzanne Davidson
    Treasurer - Kerri Wild
    Secretary - Maribeth Moore-Cogdill

    Members at large: Adult - Jera Boeselager, Karen Lewin, Jodi Sellman; Youth - Madison Cogdill, Jake Lemmon, Cody Madsen.

    These people are YOUR voice! Please contact any of them if you have an idea for a new or existing event or activity, have concerns with the program, or just want to have input in the decision making process.

    Nebraska Extension Dawes County

    Responsive. Innovative. Trusted.