Glencoe Math

6th Grade Only

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The Challenge - Set up a Class


1. Go to class management.

2. Check to see that all of your students are in your classroom for this year.

  • If your class is not set up, please watch this video.
  • Assign book redemption codes to students (if needed)
  • Here are the steps to assign the books to the students:

Steps for Teacher Assigns Content

  1. Click the Assign Content link beneath the Student Edition you wish to assign (located on your homepage).
  2. Select the Student Edition you wish to assign.
  3. Click Next after viewing number of seats available.
  4. Search for students by class name (classes must be set up), teaching level, or student name/grade level.
  5. Select the names of your students who need the content.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Review your list of names.
  8. Click Assign.
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eTools, Glencoe Math

The Challenge Part 2 - Exploring Resources

Digging Deeper

1. On main page click on eBooks and explore.

2. Use the professional development tab to dig in and look at some of the variety of resources available to you as a teacher.

3. In the teacher book, click on the menu at the top.

4. Click on professional development

5. Click on Pedagogy and Instructional Support Videos.

6. Watch the 2nd video:

  • a. Teach your way: Inquiry Lab

7. Next, go to the resources tab and explore the following:

  • A. Response to intervention
  • b. Tools

On the front page of your teacher center, look at floating green menu: Lesson Resources to the right.

  • Go through each icon to take a look at the resources available to the teacher.

8. Tweet out one game, intervention or tool that you will try using with your class. #heritageexplorers #HEtechChallenge

9. Go back to the menu and click on Assignment Tracker

  • Make a basic assignment for your class, like play a game.
10. Go back to the menu and click, Plan and Present
  • Choose your next chapter of study
  • 1. Review Common Core State Standards to align with WCO
  • Click on Launch the lesson
  • 2. Click on Teach the Concept (Review Resource Tools on the RIght including the
Real World Links and Problems are Set up for you.
  • 3. Practice and Apply (Review homework and resources.)
  • 4. Differentiated Instruction (Review)