Kindergarten News

October 6, 2017

Conversation Starters

As a way to foster conversations with your child about what we are learning, please ask him/her the following:

What is Mycology? (the study of fungi/mushrooms)

Can you create two sets of objects, then tell which is greater than or less than? Or...are they equal?

Word Work

We can name words that rhyme.
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Writers Workshop

As Writers, we can think about....and plan out our stories across the pages.

Reading Workshop

As Readers, we can think about about what we are reading.

Literacy Workstations

Shared Reading

We can track print (touch each word as we read). We can use picture clues to determine unknown words.

Our students have learned so many of our "big book stories". They are even choosing to read the big books during Friday's Free Choice Center Time (Explorations). Way to go, readers!

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Math Workshop

As Mathematicians, we can create sets that are greater than, less than, or equal to another set.

Social Scientists

As Social Scientists, we can state facts about Mycology (the study of fungi).

Watching a video about fungi

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We drew maps of our bedrooms!

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Environmental Science Tag

Do not forget to be working with your child on the activities and projects so that he can obtain the Environmental Science Tag.

Aiden is sharing some really cool pictures from nature with the class.

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Family Fun

We welcome all of our kindergarten friends and families to send in pictures of family fun. We will have your child share his/her pictures with our classmates on the SmartBoard. Sometimes, we might include the pictures in our weekly Smore newsletter.

Samaj carved a pumpkin at his house!

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First Grade Visitor

Baleigh was in Mrs. Poston and Mrs. Meade's class last year. She came to read us a story!
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PTO Meeting: Friday, October 6th at 6:00

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