The Holocaust

Micaela Johnson Academic 4

The Holocaust was the mass murder of 6 million Jews. During the Holocaust Jews were mainly killed but many non Jewish races were killed too. The Nazis believed they were superior to other races. The concentration camps were set up tom monitor and kill Jews. many innocent people lost their life during this time period.

The final solution was the plan the Nazis put in place to kill all the Jews in Europe. since the Nazis believed they were superior to other races they thought it was okay to kill non German people. People the Nazis thought were inferior conclude of Jews, mentally or physically disabled, gypsies, and homosexuals. The Nazis needed a way to kill Jews so they set up concentration camps to make it easier. Before concentration camps the Nazis killed many Jews through mass shootings. Later concentration camps were set up to kill Jews faster. The use of concentration camps made the Jewish population in Europe decrease.

Historians believe approximately there were 11 million people killed during the Holocaust both Jews and non Jews. The Nazis belief of being superior lead them to create this cruel time called the Holocaust. They killed anyone of a different race, beliefs, and political views. These killings were most commonly done through concentration camps. In May 1945 World War II ended also ending the Holocaust and freeing camp prisoners. By this time millions of Jews and non Jews had lost their life's.