Being Thankful

What's Happening This Month:

Students are learning about the anger, empathy, and personal space tool in the upcoming weeks of November. 3rd graders were a selected grade to take a pre/post knowledge questionnaire on empathy and personal space tools. This will only be used to determine the knowledge gained through the vocabulary taught and not receive a grade.

Tools of the Month

Listen to what children learn after utilizing these tools

Listening with our heart, brings empathy towards others. Allowing children to become aware of how they are feeling when encountering tough situations but able to problem solve. Ask your students about the tools and how/when they use them. Having the common language at both home and school can benefit the child in decision making.
Toolbox Project

📆 Reminders This Month

November 10, 2022 - Veteran's Day Assembly 8:05am (Wear Red, White, & Blue)

November 11, 2022 - Veteran's Day, NO SCHOOL

November 17, 2022 - Rainbow Day

November 23-25, 2022 - Thanksgiving Break, NO SCHOOL

November Kindness and Gratitude Challenge

If students complete this calendar (with support of their family) they will be entered into a little giveaway from Ms. Martin! If the acts of kindness do not apply or work for your family, you may change it up. Provide me a copy of a completed calendar before Thanksgiving break 11/22/22.

You may print or create your own calendar!

Toolbox Shout Outs

Smith's and Nutt's class for being excellent listeners during our lesson on the Listening Tool! Students were able to identify the difference between hearing and listening. Second graders were identifying sensations that connect with what they're feeling. Students were able to identify what it means to listen with their ears, eyes, and heart. Students chose one of the following (ears, eyes, or heart) to practice listening with over the week.

Resource: Thanksgiving Meals

  • Our Lady Of The Lake Roman Catholic Church, 1975 Daytona Drive, will serve Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, from noon to 2 p.m. in the Holy Family Parish Hall.
  • Local charity Only Orchids has once again partnered with Cha Bones Tapas and Steakhouse to offer free Thanksgiving boxed meals. The boxed meals will be handed out at Cha Bones from 8 a.m. to noon Thursday. Folks just need to indicate how many are in their family and the boxes will be giving accordingly. The group plans to provide more than 2,000 meals with no questions asked. Cha Bones is located at 112 London Bridge Road.
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Starline Counselor

I will be out of the office on maternity leave for a couple of months starting around Christmas break. If you have questions or concerns about your child during this time, please reach out to me.