Lawrence Onward #5

Reopeining Plan Summary

Governor Cuomo Announcement on School Reopening

Today, Friday, August 7th we expect to hear the school announcement for all of NYS, in particular, our Long Island region. Lawrence's reopening plan is summarized in this document. The full plan will be available on each school's website today.

Health and Safety

The first vital components the reopening plan addresses are Health and Safety. The Reopening Committee along with the State Education Department recognize this priority. Lawrence has ordered and received many materials to be prepared reopening. This includes hand sanitizer stations, disposable masks, cloth masks, disinfecting and cleaning materials, signage, and "sneeze guard" partitions for student and teacher desks. Our facilities team has been working tirelessly to ensure our ready position. Our nurses have collaborated as a group and outlined procedures and supplies needed. In these times we must be prepared for any positive cases that might occur in school and have established procedures to close, clean, and continue education.

Our plan emphasizes proactive and reactive measures for safety these include:

1. STAYING HOME if you have any symptoms of the virus.

2.Wearing a mask at all times in school buildings

3.Watching distances, keeping 6 feet apart

4. Washing hands/using hand sanitizer frequently

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Academic Learning and Social Emotional Learning

In our safe environment teaching and learning is our mission. The Lawrence District is committed to the success of each and every learner. As such, planning has taken place with equity, understanding of student social-emotional stressors, and academic goals at the forefront of our minds. There are great challenges and changes for schools at this time and our commitment is to student success.

Our emphasis on Teaching and Learning includes:

1. Continued use of district-issued Chromebooks and wi-fi hot spots for internet connectivity

2. Adjustments to schedules for provide social distancing while meeting academic and social demands

3. Increased use of technology through live-streaming remote instruction to either half of a class during hybrid instruction or a full class if in full remote instruction

4. Ongoing assessment of academic needs

5, Continued and expanded use of the Fast Forword program to ensure grade-level reading performance

6. Availability of mental health professionals to students and families

7. Ongoing professional development and teaching on the impact of stress and trauma on the brain

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Hybrid and Remote Instruction

While we still are awaiting the Governor's orders, expected today Friday, August 7th, we know from the State Education Department guidance document and the CDC guidelines what social distancing entails. A full In Person model does not allow for proper social distancing within our schools.

As previously indicated in Lawrence Onward Newsletters, the Hybrid model would include two cohorts, divided by the family's last name. IF given Governor's Order to open in a hybrid model. the cohorts would be rotated weekly, one week in school, and one-week remote. Included here is what the yearly hybrid calendar would look like, along with the modified school schedules.

Please note:

This is a fluid situation and changes may still occur

Official Schedules will be mailed in late August

Updates will continue to be sent to you

We will hold a series of virtual information sessions

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Special Education and English as a New Language Services

In the Hybrid model, learners with academic programs in self-contained Special Education classes and Newcomer ENL students may opt for full in-person instruction. In these cases, they would attend school during both the A and B cohort weeks. Additional information from the ENL and Special Education Departments will be communicated to families.
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Our Lawrence Community

Lawrence's mission statement describes the District as a "cultural mosaic" and aims to enable " all to possess the confidence and abilities to meet life's challenges". The current health crisis has shown the strength of Lawrence. It is an honor to serve this community and I thank all of the members of the reopening committee. Our teachers, leaders, and community members, along with the support of the Board of Education have enabled us to plan for learners to "reach their highest potential". Thank you for your patience as we continue to modify our plans to adapt to the ever-changing challenges in front of us.

We are Proudly Lawrence.

Please be well and stay strong.

Dr. Ann Pedersen

Superintendent Of Schools

Lawrence School District