The Invasion-Book I

By Darius

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The theme

This book is about Darius, Marshall, Nathian, and the rest of the group trying to keep Robot

Ninjas from taking over Norfolk, VA. The overlords trying to take over the city are Connor, Jace, and later on, Nathian. It was up to Darius (the leader) to save Norfolk.

Darius-The Leader and Plane Driver

Hello everybody, my name is Darius. My town named Norfolk, VA, is in big danger because of robot ninjas under the control of Connor, Jace, and later on, Nathian.

It is up to me, Marshall, Audree, and Nathian(before he betrayed me) to stop these Robot-Neanderthals, also keeping my nana safe

Marshall-The Brains, Darius's Friend, the plane gunner, and Darius's nana's helper

Hello, My name is Marshall. I am Darius's friend from his old youth center and his nana's assistant. I got my suspicions about his other friend Nathian because he looks like he will betray Darius and join Connor. I mainly keep the plane invisible when were behind enemy lines, help fight when the team is in crisis, and help plan the battle strategy.

Nathian- the Noob and plane gunner

Hi everyone, I am Nathian. I am Darius's friend, for now, until I find a plan to destroy him and his team I used to be with. I will join Connor's army of ninja robots, the four samurai, and help Jace.

Audree- Darius's Girlfriend and

Hey everyone, I am Audree, and I am Darius's girlfriend.