Lamb to the Slaughter

By:Michael Suchanick

Summary of Lamb to the Slaughter

Lamb to the Slaughter is about a wife that loves her husband very much. She waits for him to get home from work every day and does everything a husband wants a wife to do. The husband stated that he was going to leave her. Mary gets a lamb to make for dinner but once she hears her husband say that he is going out she hits him over the head with the lamb. Mary goes to the store to buy things for dinner. She comes home from the store and acts like she didn't know her husband was dead. She freaks out and calls the cops. The cops come and she offers them dinner. The cops agree to eat dinner. What the cops don't know is Mary is feeding them the lamb Mary killed her husband with. Now the cops won't know that Mary is the killer because the evidence is gone.
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The main character in Lamb to the Slaughter is Mary. At the beginning of the story Mary is very loving to her husband and does everything for him. But once he tells her that he is going to leave her she turns evil. Mary goes crazy and kills her husband by hitting him over the head with a frozen lamb. Mary went to the store like nothing happened and when she got home she saw here husband on the floor dead. She frantically called the police and said that her husband was dead. Once the police got to her house she offered them dinner calmly and she feed them the lamb! So mainly throughout the story Mary changes her character a lot.
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In Lamb to the Slaughter there are two forms of irony. There is situational and dramatic irony. The situational part is when Mary killed her husband. This is situational irony because as readers we did not expect Mary to kill her husband because she was so loving to him at the beginning of the story. A piece of dramatic irony was when the police men said it was like the evidence was right under our noses. This is dramatic irony because as readers we know that the police men was right the evidence was right under there noses. But the catch is that the police men didn't know that the evidence was right under his nose he just said that as a thought.
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