The Missing Girl; Norma Fox Mazer

By: Sydney McIntyre

What this book is about...

This book is about a 12 year old girl named, Autumn. Autumn's father hurt his back by falling off the roof. So, he is unable to work. Therefore, the family is running low on money. Because of this, the family decides to volunteer Autumn's older sister, Stevie, to their Aunt. Autumn's oldest sister, Beauty, is in charge of telling Stevie and her other sisters that Stevie will be going to live with the Aunt. After, Beauty tells her sisters, Autumn gets very upset. Autumn then goes for a walk. She ends up getting lost. So, she asks this man to help her get home. He tells her to come inside, because he had a city map in there that she can look at. She went inside of the man's house. But, the man did not end up having a map. Instead, he tricked her into coming into his house. So, that way he can kidnap her. Autumn spends quite a few days there. Until, she finds away to escape. After, Autumn escapes, she tries to find her way home. A lady sees Autumn on the road and takes her home. Autumns family is so relived that she is safe and sound at home.

What and why I thought was powerful...

What I thought was powerful in this book, was when Autumn breaks the window open in the bedroom she is being held captive and slides off the roof to free herself. I thought this was powerful because, it shows that even in the worst situation there is a way out, and Autumn does this by freeing herself from the man's house.
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