3rd and 4th Grade News!

November 16-20

News and Updates for Week!

This week's topics include...

We will continue our class novel reading of The Year of Miss Agnes and continue using character traits to describe individual characters. This week, we will compare and contrast characters and use text-evidence to support individual responses. In addition to comparing/contrasting characters, we will be completing "OREO" writing (opinion writing) in which students will develop an opinion based on the novel that will be supported with evidence from the reading.

We are having a short review quiz on character traits on Thursday, November 19.

We will be adding past tense, present tense, and future tense verbs to our grammar books and work on identifying the proper verb tense in writing.

Please see homework for this week's spelling words. Test will on Friday, November 20.

Students will continue building their individual narratives with rough drafts being completed by Friday, November 20.

Math: Please review multiplication flash cards to word on fact fluency
Grade 3:
Third grade math will focus on building single-digit by single-digit multiplication skills. We will be focusing on multiplying by 5 and 10, 3 and 6, and learning what the distributive property is and how it can be utilized with multiplication.

Grade 4:
Fourth grade math will review the use of the distributive property and will focus on multi-digit multiplication and regrouping while multiplying (603 x 4).
Fourth grade will complete their chapter test on Friday, November 20.

Science and Social Studies:
We will continue learning about the 3 states of matter and how matter can be measured.
Third grade will begin their Regions of the United States Project, while fourth grade will begin rotations to prep for our EMC field trip in December.

Wednesday, November 18 is the Great American Teach-In. Please be sure to ask your child what they learned during the presentations!

Dates to Remember for the Week:

Thursday, November 19:
  • Character Traits Quiz (grades 3 and 4)

Friday, November 20:
  • 4th grade math test
  • Spelling Test