Central city

city of rich

Welcome to central city

This city is a Command Economy.We will not charge a lot of taxes only 15 % of taxes,those taxes will be used for things that the city needs,for example we will use money to make our own soccer/football league.We increase taxes to improve our city.Something that you need to know is that our min wage are 7.50$ a hour


Our government is in charge of everything from taxes,money,laws,what to do with the money,and how to give money to people.And you can only sell items to have to ask the government and it will review your items and see if we need it.


Some people say that command economy it says that the government has to much power.But it depends what you do with that power.That is what counts and we use it for soccer and stadium buildings and so on.Thats why we are rich to make use of it
handing money

City of rich,soccer,make money that's the city to live in