Dropbox Monthly Bulletin

September Edition

OTI Meet up in London

Dear all,

It was lovely to see you at the OTI Training yesterday. Here is a summary of my 'talk' on Dropbox.

1. Once you have a contract for an OTI you will be sent the password and log in for Dropbox.

2.During your intervention if you see any resource or idea that could help 'Level Up' the practice of others please ask the interested party if they would be happy to share their resource, get permission and then send it to me. This can be done in 3 ways:

- through twitter (tagging @OTeaching into the information you include in the tweet)

- into your folder in 'examples awaiting approval' in Dropbox

- as an attachment to an email to me. The 'hard copy' is always better than just a picture.

3. The nominations will then be looked at and checked and if Mark and Andy are happy with the examples they will be put into Dropbox permanently for us, as trainers and other delegates to use.

4. We are always looking for videos of great practice so please look out for these too. You can either crop them yourself or send them to me with the time frame you want cropping and I can do the rest.

Good luck with your OTI's this month. Look forward to seeing some examples shortly once the observation period begins! Please read the information from Steph at the bottom of this bulletin with regards to Survey Monkey.

Any queries please feel free to contact myself or your team leader who will be able to answer any of your questions.

Keep sharing!

Wendy and Stephanie

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Google Hangouts! First Wednesday of every month.

A time to catch up, spread the word and develop our understanding! 8 - 9pm

Mark Burns - Backward Planning 1st October

Phil Badham - Technology for Assessment 5th November

Natalie Packer - SEN 3rd December

Rebecca Miller - Early Years 6th January

Michelle Carter - Role of other Adults 4th February

Mike O'Neill - Meta-cognition 4th March

Andy Griffith - TBC 1st April (and this won't be an Aprils Fool)

Roisin Chambers - OFSTED 6th May

Isabella Wallace - Literacy 3rd June

Andy Griffith and Mark Burns - Summary and Feedback of OTI 1st July

Floor Plans (these will be produced as a working document)

Survey Monkey - A plea from Stephanie

Once you have sent the link for the Curee Survey Monkey to your cohorts. Stephanie will chase to see who has not completed it and let you know. HOWEVER, this is a very sensitive document and if the NAME OF THE DELEGATE and THE SCHOOL are not correctly inputted they will not be able to be found or do it again!

E.g. (No VCOP please)

Wendy Brown

Westfield Academy

Growth vs Fixed Mindset