Alexander the Great

By: Sarah Kennedy ♥, Joshua Belen ♥, and Colin Seys ♥

Kingdoms He Ruled

-King of Macedonia from 336 BCE to 323 BCE

-Pharaoh of Egypt from 332 BCE to 323 BCE

-King of Persia from 330 BCE to 323 BCE

-King of Asia from 331 BCE to 323 BCE

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How He Came To Be

  • He crushed the mightiest powers on earth
  • Defeated the Persian Empire's army, which was five times larger than their own
  • Was trained as a child by his father
  • Achilles was his hero/role model
  • Gained the respect of his army
  • Took over an empire that was 40 times larger than his own
  • Ascended the throne at the age of 21
  • Drove the Persians out of the Mediterranean
  • Proclaimed as the Pharaoh when he went to Egypt
  • Founded the city of Alexandria
  • Richest man alive at that time with 60 billion dollars
  • Builds 10 cities in countries in the Middle East and India
  • Conquered 2 million square miles
  • Planted a culture full of ideas for the future

Hellenistic Culture

Hellenistic Culture was from Greece. It was a combination of Indian, Persian, Greek and Egyptian cultures.

When Alexander "invaded" Egypt

Alexander arrived in Egypt after defeating the Persian forces who had invaded about 10 years previously (for the second time). As the Persians had won a reputation for being disrespectful of the Egyptian culture and religious traditions, he was generally seen as a liberator by the Egyptians.

He traveled to Siwa Oasis, where the oracle of Amun confirmed him as the legitimate ruler (i.e. the Pharaoh) of Egypt. He also travelled to the traditional administrative capital of Egypt in Memphis, where he likewise gave respect to the cult of Ptah.

As such, there was now prior Pharaoh to accept him.However, as it had only been a decade or so since the last native Pharaoh, Nectanebo II, had been dethroned by the Persians, some of his family and courtiers were still active. At least one served into the reign of Ptolemy I, so relations with the Greeks started off well.

Alexander had a full Egyptian royal titulary, and you can see his cartouche in Luxor Temple, where he had a small section of it rebuilt.