University of Maryland,

Baltimore County (UMBC)

Background and Location

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (often referred to as UMBC) is an American public research university, located in Baltimore County, Maryland, mainly in the community of Catonsville. This is about 10 minutes (8.3 miles) from downtown Baltimore City and 30 minutes (33.5 miles) from Washington, D.C. From a HHS to UMBC, the travel time of a car is around 1 hours and 7 minutes and for standard transit it is 3 hours and 39 minutes.

Costs and Stats

  • Application Fee: $50, non-refundable
  • Cost of Tuition per year: $11,006 (in state) and $23,770 (out of state) with mandatory fees
  • Percentage of students admitted: early acceptance rate of 59.6%, and 48.2% average rate
  • Average SAT and ACT scores of admitted students: 1210 (new sat), 1792(old sat), 27 - 28 (estimated ACT)
  • Average GPA of admitted students: 3.78 (Fall 2015)
  • Number of undergraduate students: 11, 243 (as of Fall 2015)
  • Percentage of students receiving financial aid and average amount: 49.3%, $8,034 (need based)

Student Life and Athletics