Photoshop Lessons

By: Kishan Desai

Lonely Earth

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This picture was mainly about using the glow effects. I really like the final product and I like glow effects so I gave it a try. This was a really a confusing tutorial, and especially doing it without a partner was harder. There were many steps in this tutorial. I used the glow effects and inner glow settings to make the highlight of this photo. I learned that cleaning your picture with the Healing Brush Tool you could really show the main idea of your photo without distracting things.

Bar-Coded Lemon

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The bar-coded was a very easy an fun project. This tutorial was done in five easy steps! I learned that Photoshop does have many things you can make. I liked the idea of adding a bar-code made by you and make it look real. To make the bar-coded lemon I just had to add noise to the picture and use the Single Row Marque Tool to make lines then I just had to adjust the size and warp it on the lemon.

See Through Words

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Making see through words was very cool even though it was challenging. I did it because I know I will use it in the future. I learned that how to use transparent type, and adding a text to your photo can change it in to a really good looking and interesting one. This photo was about adding a transparent type.

Crumbled Paper

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Crumbling the paper was very easy and cool. The website even said it takes five minutes to complete the masterpiece. I used the gradient tool and drop shadow and warped it. I learned that in Photoshop you can also bend objects.

Canvas Tiger

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I chose this lesson because it changes the picture and makes it look different and awesome. I learned that by adding Motion Blur to your picture you could make your picture into a canvas style. This tutorial had a lot of steps and was a bit hard. I had to Smart Sharpen, Gaussian Blur, Add Noise, Motion Blur, brightness and contrast and a lot of other small changes.