Do Ghosts exist?



Do ghosts exist or are they just made up? Do people really come back from the dead? Is that phicicly possible?

What I Think

I think ghosts are real, but that they are just people who died unprepared, or they died in a horrible way and seek revenge.


Scientists say no way are ghosts real!They aren't real because unless your not human you can't come back from the dead.Your heart no longer beats and your body is burred you can't come back.

ghosts started in the bible whith jeuseuse coming back from the dead.

Side 1 Ghosts do exist

Rebekalyn Gold says "I think there is an another world after death, a another chance to live. That you can be reincarnated after death. What is reincarnation, it is where you can come back as animal."
Charas Foil says" I think Ghosts exist and that there are many types of them. Each different and special."

Side 2 Ghosts don't exist

Savannah Stevens says "Ghosts don't exist 'cause they are too scary and I have never seen one."
Jasmine says" Ghosts aren't real 'cause they just don't exist because when you die you go to heaven or to the under world."
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