Crittenden's Critters

Weekly Updates from Room 158

Dates to Remember

*Friday, June 5 - SPIRIT DAY: Claxton Colors!!

*Wednesday, June 10 - Kindergarten Graduation

*Wednesday, June 10- End of Year Celebration (Class Awards)

*Thursday, June 11- Report Cards Go Home

*Thursday, June 11- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - HALF DAY!

Library Books and Lunch Fees

I cannot believe it is the very last full week of first grade! This year has flown by and I am so grateful to have spent it with your children :). I wanted to remind everyone that if your child has any library books still out, they need to be returned immediately. If you cannot find the library books, please send in money for the books. Also, if you have any lunch charges please be sure to pay the charge before the last day of school. If there are still library books out or lunch charges on the last day of school, I have to hold your child's report card in Ms. Dechant's office.

Thank you for your support in ensuring that your child receives their report card :).

End of Year Celebration

The end of the year is so bittersweet! I have loved getting to watch your children learn and grow this year. Please join us on the morning of Wednesday, June 10 at 10 AM for a brunch and celebration of your child's hard work in first grade! From 10:00-10:30, we will be eating brunch and the kids will be sharing some poetry work that we have been working on!

The children don't "graduate" like they did in kindergarten, but I wanted to do something for them to help them realize that they have accomplished SO much this year! From 10:30-11:00 that morning, we will be having a celebration where every child will be recognized in a unique way and congratulated on their successes in first grade!

If you are available, please join us in celebrating the amazing year that we have had in first grade on Wednesday, June 10 from 10:00 AM-11:00 AM. I look forward to seeing you there!

Weekly Curriculum Update

MATH- From now until the end of the year we will be focusing on reviewing the content that we have learned. Students will get to do this through hands on activities and review games. It is important to keep these concepts fresh in the students' minds and practice these skills. I will be sending home a work packet for the summer which will include practice in all of our major math standards that we have covered this year.

FUNDATIONS- We are finishing up our LAST unit of Fundations this week! The children have blown me away with how well they remember our Fundations rules not only during the lessons but also when they are reading! Our test in this Friday, June 5th! To help the students prepare for the test, please help them to complete their Fundations homework.

READING- First grade is really a miraculous year developmentally with regards to reading. Students use the phonetic rules that we learn in Fundations combine with reading strategies that we learn about during Daily 5 to bravely tackle connected text! Now that our children have mastered decoding (figuring out the words), it is imperative for them to work on comprehension strategies that help them to better understand the text. The summer work packet will also include written comprehension stems to practice over the summer to keep the children practicing responding to reading comprehension questions.

WRITING- The kids have LOVED poetry so far! Yesterday, we started talking about sensory poems and using our sense to describe an object or thing. We will also be studying acrostic poems at the end of the week. Students will be sharing their poetry with parents at our End of Year Celebration :)

SOCIAL STUDIES- We will be ending the year with reviewing what we have learned about the diverse cultures of our world. Last week, we traveled to China to explore the rich culture there. I'm excited to see where we will go next!

SCIENCE- This week, I introduced the needs of animals. We have learned that a habitat is a place the animal calls home. We also learned that the word adapt means that animals can change to better survive in a habitat. The kids have LOVED getting to learn about the habitats. I'm planning some hands on lessons during the last week of school that will help students better understand just how important animal adaptations and habitats are.