The Ray's Throne

By Aarondeep , Rajveer and Yash

what is the Ray's throne

The Ray's throne is a comfy chair that can be used anywhere. This chair is made for holding an average weight of a student and it is 90 percent recycleable

What it is made from

The Ray's throne is made out of tin cans, card board, wood and we have used sponges from our houses and wood from projects before. this is all recyclable because every thing we used is recyclable

it safe for everyone

Design process

Before this project we thouht that it would be something with triangle becauee itnis the strongest shape so we made itnour 5 leg in the middĺe so it can help with the center of gravity. This is what we hought before the design.


We tested this first by our partner yash and he tested the project and then his weight was hold so we thought that it would be good if it holds yash then it can hold some one else like waleed. If we had more time then we should have more strong wood and legs and that all but it can hold the average school weight.

where the materials came from

The tin cans we have in our project are from a recycling facilitate and there are reused and they are recyclable.The wood is from other projects and it is turned into mulch for landscapes so it is recyclable. the cardboard is recyclable because it came from stores and they were going to throw them away so we reused them. The sponges are reusable so we found some of them around our houses. Then these are were the materials are from.


If i had to change the design i would make it into a more colorful. for example we could have made it cover the legs with construction paper and added a pillow as well. For it's strength would be more stronger legs.


this is the Rays Throne we could in prove this but it is good for now and as we go we will make more harder tests in the years and make it i bit more colorful as well. i hope you like the Rays throne and heres a video
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