Western Frontier Summative

By: Devin Bricknell

The Sioux Indians

Have you ever wondered how invasive white settlers were to the native Americans? Well in this essay, all of your questions will be answered. This article will explain what they did during manifest destiny and any historic events past that date. For example, the Battle at Wounded Knee.

The Sioux Indians were the largest, most dominant tribe of all the native Americans. They thrived in the great plains of the U.S. They were split up into three regions. Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. They had hot summers and suffered cold winters. They were able to hunt deer, cougars, elk, bear, beaver, porcupine, antelope, prairie dos, eagles, and mostly buffalo. They used every part of every animal they killed. Once the white came, they started killing off all the buffalo to feed the rail road workers.

When settlers moved out west and wanted expansion, they took the Indians land away during manifest destiny. This made the natives angry and would not agree or sign any contracts that allowed the whites to move their land. The white people were mad they did not accept their offers and started to kill the Indians and tribes if they did not accept any offers. For example, the Battle at Wounded Knee was instigated by the whites demanding they move the Indians property. Once they forced some of the tribes to sign, all of he promises they said they would keep they did not and if they did keep them they were very low quality.

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How the Sioux Indians Lived Before They Got Relocated to Reservations