Dating & Relationships.

By Tituana Walls.

Benefits Of A Relationship.

The benefits of relationships is having companionships , which means to have a feeling of friendship or fellowship.Next,is the skills for getting along with others.In the relationship it is great that others meet each other and see how well you can get along with a person. Last,meeting emotional & social needs some people need different pleasures or needs.

Other benefits include ;

  • TrustWorthiness.
  • Having A Flexible Schedule.
  • Being Understanding.

Values Of Dating.

One of the things to the value of dating is to have fun, going out having fun being able to see if you can "let your hair down" and be yourself around your mate. One of the main things in a relationship is to have trust, if you can trust him/her then they're not right for you.Next, another value of dating is to find out about the other gender, what does he/she like to do in spare time ? Or how does they're emotions compare to each other?Last, is to learn the social skills of being out and meeting new people. It's important that we meet new people because being around the same people gets old and some people we shouldn't hang or be around at all.

Dating Or Marriage?

Dating or Marriage lets people meet their ego needs, things that they are needing or haven't met. It also deals with once again being able to trust that person and being yourself.Next, mate selection usually it would be the female that chooses the mate by how attracted she is to his personality which makes us make our selection.Last, learning about the mate's personality traits and how do they act around you or when they aren't around you? A few examples.

  • Mood Swings?
  • Music Do They Like?
  • How Do They Act Around People?
  • Sidity?