News from GT

September 10th

Assignment Reminder: Symbolic Visual Art

This week in class we discussed totems and their role in the Aboriginal societies of the Northwestern United States in Canada. Using this as inspiration, students are to create a work of Symbolic Visual Art to tell the story of their family or clan.

Students have a broad set of options for this. They can create a two or three-dimensional work. While they are welcome to use traditional totem images, they are not restricted to them. Students should use (or create) symbols that are meaningful to them.

They should also have a 1-2 paragraph explanation of the symbols they included and what they signify.

This assignment is due when they come to class next week:

7th grade - Tuesday

8th grade - Wednesday

6th grade - Thursday

Students are welcome to come in at lunch to work on their pieces. Student who were absent from GT this week were emailed the background article and a description of the assignment.

Lunch Update

Mr. Grimmett alerted us that Health Department codes state that food items purchased in the cafeteria cannot leave the cafeteria. Unfortunately, this means students who buy their lunch will not be able to bring it to the GT room. Students may eat first and then come to the GT room. Students who bring their lunches will be unaffected by this.

Ms. Hanna's Schedule Next Week

No Lunch Tuesday

Ms. Hanna has a meeting at Central Administration and will be off campus.

No Open Door Day Friday, September 18th

Ms. Hanna is taking her Above and Beyond class on a field trip to Silicon Labs and will be off campus.


Members of the Westlake High School Debate team will conduct two introductory meetings for interested students. This will be a great way for students to learn what debate is about. The meetings will be:

Tuesday, September 15th

Thursday, September 17th

Both meetings will be held from 4:00 - 5:00 in Ms. Hanna's room (#310).

Math Counts

Mrs. Nookala held two meetings for students interested in learning more about Math Counts. If you missed the meetings and want to learn more, please contact her.

Save the Date!

The 2016 GT Passion Project Exhibition will be Wednesday, April 20th from 6:00 - 7:30 PM. Parents and community are encouraged to attend.

On Thursday, April 21st, students will exhibit their projects again during 1st - 3rd periods for teachers to bring their classes to view.

Just as students are expected to attend a concert for choir, band, or orchestra or a performance for theater, GT students are expected to exhibit a project and attend both sessions.