Physical Therapist Future Career

Annie Nauer

Career Research:

Daily Activities

Treats patients to relieve their pain and increase their strength and mobility

Working Conditions

Must be sure that their work is accurate because errors could seriously endanger patients health, sometimes repeat the same physical activities, such as lifting patients or helping them move. Must be able to make decisions on a daily basis that strongly impact patients, they rarely consult with other physical therapists before making decisions and are able to set tasks and goals. They're moderately self-competitive, must meet strict deadlines on a weekly basis, and their schedules are largely dictated by patient appointments.

Yearly Wages

Yearly wages are $75,360

Preparation or training

Have a high school diploma or equivalent, have a bachelor's degree, have a master's degree or higher in physical therapy, complete and internship and have a license.

5 important skills and abilities

  • Speak clearly so other listeners can understand
  • Analyze ideas and use logic to determine their strengths and weaknesses
  • Check how well one is learning or doing something, be aware of others reactions and understand the possible causes
  • Imagine how something will look if it is moved around or its parts are rearranged

Recommended core classes or electives

Core Classes

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Computer applications/ keyboarding
  • Health education
  • Intro. to health care
  • Nursing

  • Physical therapy assisting
  • Pre-health services

Physical Therapy Doctoral Degree Program at UNM