Independent and Dependent Variables

By: Logan Brooksbank

Definition and Example of Independent and Dependent

Independent- One set does not affect the other set

Dependent- Both events affect each other

Independent Example- Two decks of cards that are separate trying to get a face card from both.

Dependent Example- A deck of cards, taking out cards one at a time until you get a specific card.

Probability of Independent Example

You roll three dice, what is the probability of getting an even number on 1 die, an odd number between 1 and 3 on another die, and getting a 4 on the last die if the last die is a 10-sided die and the first die is an 8-sided die?


Probability of Dependent Example

20 people are in line for a raffle, there will be 2 people who get picked, what are the chances that the 4th person in line will be picked first and the 8th person in line will be picked 2nd?


Honors Component

If you picked two of something at the same time it would be independent because the events won't affect each other because they are at the same time. I think a common mistake is that people say it is dependent, and set up the second fraction as a different fraction, but they can't influence each other if they are at the same time.