The Adventures Of A Lion's Life !

By:Kennedy chocolate

Find all intresting thrilling facts about the king of Africa!

Did you know that a female lion is called a lionesse. But a male lion is just called a male. Did you also know that when a group of lions are formed together there called a pride.This picture here is a male.The long fur around his neck and shoulders is called a mane.Male lions grow manes at age 5 but lionesse do not grow manes. lions are members of the cat family called, felidae. Did you also know that there are two types of lions, an Astatic lion and African lion each type is named after there continent Asian and African. Today I'm going to be talking mostly about African lions.

Hunting for food!

Lions hunt every two to three days. While hunting, lionesse do most of the hunting. The first reason is because when males go hunting there mane is a dead give away. The second reason is because lionesse are much faster and stealthy.The lionesse do not run right at their target because their not as fast as the prey. They stalk them, hiding in the tall grass and jump on them.

The life cycle of a lion!

Asian Lions Indangerd!

Enemies And Prey

When hunting, the lions prey are mostly grazers, gazelles, zebra and wild beasts. If they can not catch these faster and bigger animals, they go after smaller and less faster animals such as hares, wort hogs, and tortuous. Their biggest threat and enemy is the humans because of poaching, illegal killing and most of all the destruction of habitats turning them into farms, towns and much more.

They need your help!

Although some people may think these mammals are very obnoxious and ruthless, they are just defending themselves and living the circle of life. Everyday, a poor lion could be killed, poached or someone has taken their habitat. If you want to make a difference, find out more on other websites and put a stop to this!