Allison Clary

6th period

All About Me!!!!!

I am a sophomore.

I played volleyball at the Keller Pointe for seven seasons.

I am a manager for the Bobcat Dazzlers.

I love dancing.

I have lived in Texas my whole life.

I would like to become an elementary school teacher.



I am following @DENTONPD because they don't just tweet about crime they also encourage the people in and around Denton to be safe. They send out tweets about road conditions etc. They care about our safety and the well being of our town.

Byron Nelson High School

The one facet that I love most about Byron is how welcoming the teachers and students are to the incoming freshman and the new students coming from other schools.

Why I Chose Psychology

I chose psychology because I thought it would be a different class to take and I wanted to learn something new.