Date that it joined the European Union

Slovakia joined the European Union on May 4th 2004 and was not a founder of the EU

History of youths country

Slovakia was part of Germany and then part of Czecholvakia. It is located in Central Europe and is east of Czech Republic, North of Hungary, west of Ukraine, and west of Poland


Slovakias Red wight and blue flag has some kind of a boat on it and was developed in 1992 on January 1st

Capital and 4 major cities

Bratislava is the capital and 4 other cities are košive, Presov, Nitra, Zilian


People are attracted by all the different castles and caves around as well as many different sights


Slovakia has mountains in the northern and is flat in the front

Government type

Slovakia is a parliman democracy


The curancy is euro but before it was kurno


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