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Be a part of my OWLSOME referal program

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Don't have time to host a party, but still want to recieve all the benefits of the hostess rewards? Then join my referal program. Here is how it works:

  1. Message me and sign up for this new program - I will send you catalogs, business cards and order forms.
  2. Order your locket to show off and I will give you a 30% discount
  3. Wear your locket and when friends and family ask about it (and they will) tell them how much you LOVE it.
  4. Let them know where they can design their own and start telling their story.
  5. Give me the "heads up" when you refer someone. I will track their orders and you will start accumulating sales.
  6. Sign up is FREE and there are no time restraints

How much can you earn?

  • For every $250 in sales, you will recieve $25 in OO credit.
  • Hit $500 - and you recieve a free dangle, tag or plate AND credit
  • Hit $1000 - and you will recieve a locket and chain of your choice AND credit
  • Refer a friend that hosts a party, and you will recieve 5% of their sales in credit
  • Refer a friend to this program, and recieve $5 credit for each friend
  • Know someone that is interested in selling? Refer a new designer to me and recieve $50 in credit once they have completed their first month with OO