The Maze Runner

James Dashner


Through the character of Thomas, we discover the importance of perseverance and identity/memory but also the effect of manipulation.

Main Concepts and how they are represented throughout the novel.

Identity/memory - When their memory was erased (as it is in Maze runner) so is your sense of identity. Through the character of Thomas, one realises that a sense of self is very important.

Perseverance - The maze runners are probably the most persevering group of people in the novel as they go into that maze daily to try and find a way out. If Thomas did not persevere then he wouldn't have made it in the glade.

Manipulation - everything that happened to these young adults was a direct result of the creators. It was like puppetry. Manipulation is a very sensitive subject, as you see in The Maze Runner, as one slip up and everything can be ruined.

Techniques use by the composer

The author's use of imagery was paramount and was extremely effective in the way that when you were reading it you felt as if you were watching a movie.

Symbolism was fairly easy to pick up in the novel (toward the end)

The story is being told as seen and felt by our protagonist Thomas, but not being directly narrated by him

Desired Effect

To me, I think the desired effect was to really put us into Thomas' shoes (empathise) and to reflect and wonder if this happened to us what our reaction would be. At least that was the effect it had on me.
"If you ain't scared, you ain't human" - The gladers talk in a very country-type fractured english that at times is fairly hard to understand

"You get lazy, you get sad. Start givin' up. Plain and simple"

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