My New Friend

I am glad to have a new one

One Of My Friend Michelle

One of my friend was Michelle had a lot in common! She is not shy and I can tell by how she communicated with me! She was EXTREMELY nice and made me laugh.

Our Difference

Our only difference is that she is is in Beijing, she can speak two languages but besides those differences we have everything in common.Because of that I believe that because we kinda has no difference that is a big jump in our friendship!

Stuff We Have In Common

One of the of things we have in common is that we LOVE Hotel Trasylvaina, another thing that we have in common is we do not have siblings and we both love it! We are both are not shy and we love to dance!
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My Experience Skpying With You

I Thought It Was Awesome

I thought it was awesome of how we got to talk to people across the world and how we got so many things in common.