Japan's Christmas

a couple of facts about Japan's christmas

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Japan's Christmas facts

When: December 25th

What: Christmas

how: It was introduced to Japan when the Christian missionaries told them about it

The Tradition Begins

The first time Christmas was done in Japan was when the christian missionaries came and told the Christians of Japan about it. For a while only the Christians of Japan but soon enough all of Japan was celebrating the seasons holiday.

Food Facts:

The Christmas Traditional food they ate was usually KFC and Sponge cake for dessert. At schools they ate sponge cake with fruit decorations like strawberries. On Christmas eve they gathered around for a dinner of KFC

Music in Japan for christmas

In the tradition Japan sings some of the classic Christmas carols. songs they sang were songs like drummer boy, jingle bells, 12 days of Christmas, deck the halls, and many more

Toys, Games, and many more gifts!

Everyone knows they'res gifts on Christmas and indeed Japan does have them as well. The common gifts given and received are toys, games , books, and much more.