The Great Gatsby

Chapter 5 Activity

life the daisy's

Daisy's voice makes her seem untouchable. Nick, that voice seems "full of money" and that sounds like someone who lives "on a high white palace, the king's daughter, the young golden Already you know: the prom queen, the president of the student union, the winner of the beauty contest: exactly the kind of girl that Gatsby and Nick would not even a minimal chance, ever But Tom himself. And Daisy will have married him for duty at first, but ends up feeling love for him f he left the room for a minute she looked uneasy around him and said, "Where's Tom?", And was darkened the face of concern until I looked at the door again. He used to sit in the sand with his head on her lap for hours, stroking her eyes with fingers and looking at him with unfathomable delight For us, this description does not stick to the "high in a white palace" maiden. It seems rather that of a girl of about ordinary, madly in love with her husband twenties. What this passage tells us is that Daisy is not a frivolous ricachona and nothing else ... Or at least that was not always so. It has a profound capacity for love and wants to be loved.

And if that's what you want, it is very clear that married the wrong man.


Or maybe you have not married the wrong man; He may want to convince themselves that made that mistake. One thing they have in common is that Gatsby and Daisy have an idealized image of their relations; one rose colored vision that makes all this look off, flat compared with the past. She yearns for his candid period "innocent children", before the forced (or autoobligara) to marry Tom. Daisy Although this has come to realize that dreams rarely come true, he clings to the hope that sometimes can be met

If Daisy had been silly, I would have accepted his fate. You have married Tom as it should, with the beautiful lady was I would have had children who would have ignored and would have turned a blind eye to the womanizing Tom affairs with maids. But he did none of this.


Daisy is a woman married to a daughter, but did not seem to have matured a lot. No known endure the consequences of their own actions; so that drunk tried to turn back the night before his wedding and then you can not decide between Tom and Gatsby, "Yes, I loved him once," he says, "but you also have I loved you This girl is more changeable than Taylor Swift

Gatsby, an incredibly pure heart, can not understand this kind of indecision.But Daisy is one more consequence of being a girl: never learned to be a woman, and this novel have a feeling that never learn. He has no one to teach him. Everyone expects it to behave as a "beautiful little fool like all the other girls in her class.