Pioneer's Open House

By: Alex Heilig 6th Grade Earth Science

30 Hands Project

This year in earth science everyone was required to do a presentation. This presintation was made to inform mostly about the atmoshere and greenhouse gases that affect it. It was made on an app called "30 Hands". We were required to make the presintation nine slides. The first slide was the title page, we needed a title abd two pictures and the ninth slide we needed the title to be "Works Cited" and at least two sources. In each slide there were at least two pictures and a title. Also, we needed to write a script. Lastly, we had to record each slide then turn it in through google classroom.

Click For 30 Hands Presentation

Earthquakes PBL

My class did a project on earthquakes. The earthquake project was building a house that could withstand sismic activty for tony stark. First, we needed to draw down two ideas for the house individualy. Second, we needed to combine all the ideas to create one house. Third, we needed to build a very safe and stable house (our house looked like an outhouse.)Lastly, we needed to make a wiki project about what we did and we needed to put our house on the shake table.

Click For Earthquake PBL Interveiws

Invention Convention Project

In science we have been talking about greenhouse gasses and how they pollute the enviorment. We are doing an invention convention on inventing something that can help our planet reduce emmitting greenhouse gasses. The driving question is "Given our current use of non-renewable resources, how can we build and showcase a product made of reuse able trash that highlights one or two of the three R's?"

Stream table Demo

The lab I liked the most is the stream table demo. I liked the stream table demo because we made did a lot of demos. The slopes we made are a gentle slope and a steep slope. Also, we made a demo of volume of flow. Lastly we used a narrow streambed and large streambed and put obsacles. To show rocks moving down we put a crork.