"iPad apes"

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these are some of the apes you will learn about on the iPads in seventh grade.

You will learned about "Haiku Deck", "iMovie", "GarageBand", and "you will reed very educational comices."
5 Apps Every Student Needs!

"Haiku Deck"

these are som of the things you will need to know about to make a "Haiku Deck"

1. you can use text to type info

2. you can use the image icon to put im pictures

3. and you can use the layout icon to choose the way your typing shoes up

4. and you can use the + buten at the botem of your screen

Garage Band Songs- Electronic Heart

Grage band

These are some important facts you need to know about in the J.H.

1.you click my songs and create a new one by clicking the + buten

2.you click NEW SONG and then pick your main instrument

3.you click the buten that looks like a cupel bares and then click the swirly thing that will take you to a cupel choices then you click instruments.

4.then you click the instrument of tour choice and the ara of your choice

5. you click it and then you drag the buten on to the bar

6.then you can make it longer or shorter

7. you can add other roes to play other stuff

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this is a cupel of important things you can do on iMovie

1. first you chose if you ant a movie or a trailer or a project (did project)

2.than i taped on the bigger box and i went to a video

3.you can tape with sound and then you add as many videos that you took and add them to the botem video

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Educational Comics

the pictures above are all the titels that we have in are comics

1. wen you click on the app you will see a cupel choses, chose the one that

2.you can side your finger to go to the next page

3.and finally, you can drag and ove the right answers to the boxes wen they ask a querstion

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