Mrs. Lope's Newsletter

December 8, 2014

Math and Science updates


Last Friday, we began making a winter/holiday book using many of the ways we've learned how to solve a multiplication problem. We'll finish up on Monday and take an assessment. On Wednesday, we will begin a unit on division concepts and how it relates to multiplication. Students will begin with concrete objects ( beans) and physically separate them into equal groups. Then, I will introduce other ways to divide as we did with multiplication. Students will learn divisor, dividend, and quotient as part of their academic vocabulary. Multiplication tests will continue. Due to the field trip on Tuesday, I will give a quiz on Wednesday and Friday. I have not started taking a grade yet. We are just practicing at this point and moving toward the goal of attending the Movie Party in the spring. Some students have almost earned their ticket and are heading for popcorn, soda, and VIP status!


We've been learning about landforms and how to distinguish one from another. The ones we are really focusing on are hills, valleys, plains, and mountains. We discussed the layers of the earth and how they are similar to the layers of an egg. Also, we began weathering and erosion at the end of the week. Students learned a song called, "Break, Move, Drop" with some awesome dance moves to understand that weathering breaks rocks, erosion moves it away, and deposition drops it. Students will complete a lab with brown sugar on Monday or Wednesday, depending on how far we get with the lesson.

Upcoming Events/Info

December 9 - Field Trip

December 10 and 12- Multiplication quizzes

December 11-Third grade musical-Evening performance

December 12- Third grade musical-Dinobeat performance

December 12- Homework due!!

December 19th- Early Release/Holiday parties

**There will be no more IXl homework for the rest of the school year. Dodd opted out of repurchasing it for third and fourth grade and instead we will focus on other math programs. I have started quite a few students on the Think Through Math program for tutorials and will be giving all students login info, so we can transition to that by the first of the year. THANKS!