nuremberg laws

the unfair laws


The nuremberg Laws were laws put in place to seperate jews from the rest of the people,they consitered jews as pests. Some of the laws included stripping (or taking away) the jews citizenship,taking away there "fun" activites such as going to the movies. They were also foreced to wear the star of david on there clothing when in public. Jews were not treated equally and these laws were put in place to insure that.


One of the laws was that they all must have the same middle names. The girls and women were to take the middle name of sarah and the boys and men israel.


A jew could not marry a non-jew, a jew was to marry another jew. Any "marrige" between a jew and a non jew was consitered unoffical.


Jews were under an "inferior statis' for instence they were not allowed to be seen in certian hours of the day. They were also not allowed in some places in the city. Including sidewalks, resturants and some public transportation. These regulations came about because they thought of jews as pests and belived that they should be exterminated so they took them and excluded them from the general public.