Braeden Maharaj

Grade 10 at Louise Arbour

Me! (Bottom Right)

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Who Am I?

I am a very athletic person that enjoys being outside. I would like to think that I am smart kid that completes my work whenever it is due. I am on track and keep up to date with things. Sports are my life, without it I'm not sure what I would be. I enjoy competitive sport with friends to try and improve my skills. I would say I am an easy, friendly and relate able person to talk to.

My Favourite Things.

I enjoy mostly all sports besides hockey and I think I am pretty good at them. I am very all rounded. One sport that would stand out is basketball. I am very quick and tricky to guard. I have a great shot and communicate well. Another thing I enjoy are dogs. If I were to get a pet it would be a dog. They are just so lovable and a good company to have by your side. My favourite colour is green. It's just so calm and peaceful. I enjoy it alot.

My Schooling

My friends

I keep my friends as a community. As I don't keep set people as best friends. I am communicative with lots of people and stay with groups. I have peoples back and they have mine. I am friendly with everyone that is friendly to me.

Important to Me

My parents have been the biggest influence to me. They have been by my side and helped me push to be better in my education and sports. They keep pushing me to be better and will continue guiding me

My Future

I am interested in becoming an athlete in a sport. I play alot of sports and I am very good at them. I'm just not sure what I want to as of yet. I still enjoy playing all of them but I need to figure out which sport I need to focus on.

My Family's Roots