MaC Showcasing Campaign

DEADLINE to have stories is ON THE 20th of DECEMBER!!!!!


Marketing has the power to attrack customers to our ELD programs and since the beginning of this term one of the main bottlenecks of our performance pointed out is lack of external recognition.
By collecting all the stories we have provided until now we'll be able to provide the SOCIAL MEDIA with material that is aligned with the essence of our organization and that will help us, later on, improve our positioning!

How can you start ACTING NOW?

What & HOW to do it?

In order to start ACTING NOW, you just have to:

1. Access the tracking tool:

2. Open a "New mail" in your Gmail account

3. Add all the emails from your LC into the "BCC" space

4. Include the following text:

" Hi,

My name is XXXXXX, and I'm currently the marketing responsible in AIESEC LLLLLL.
The reason I am emailing you is because AIESEC is striving to know more about the experience we provided you with, so that we can showcase the impact our experiences are creating within Slovenian Youth.

For this reason I'd like to ask you to please answer this 2minutes survey, so that we can compile and address your story to our showcasing external team!

Thank you for your contribution!"

4. Insert your name instead of "XXXXXX"

5. Insert your LC name instead "LLLLLLL"

6. Press Send

7. Update the Tracking Tool Column of "email" with "YES" and "Survey sent" with "YES"

8. Keep tracking of answers with your MCVP PR & MaC ( Marta Silva ).

9. If your LC still doesn't have answers, resend the emails.


You have 1 person.


You have talked 3 days ago and so far nothing changed in your tracker.
What are you waiting for?
If you guys have only one faculty you should actually be SUPER ON TOP of this task, so that you can start converting MORE PEOPLE from your faculty and improve your exchange numbers!


You have the more XP to track but you also have the bigger team in terms of HR.
The tracker was shared but no updates were made.
Please Update the tracker - ACT NOW!


I understand that you guys have very few people.
But at the same time you also want to have subscriptions on your programs. So if you want to have subscriptions you got to work on this task, otherwise people will not know about you!
So please, ACT and waste 2minutes of your precious time just to send this email.
If you read this newsletter please post a statement in "AIESEC SLOVENIA FB GROUP" starting with:
'For the WinterACTION showcasing campaign I am going to'
NvS Action Item Brave GOLDHOUSE remix AMV

What if I have doubts?

Contact me!
I'm available to help you. But you guys need to call for help. ACT NOW