Technology Rules For Parents

By: Nimrat B. 8M

Rule #1

Do not click on any pop up! You do not know what will happen if you click on an unknown pop up. One minute you are on a friendly website the next you are on a very inappropriate website.

Rule #2

Think twice before you post something because your words will hurt someone whether you meant to or not and once something is said you can't take it back.

Rule #3

Never share your password. The person you trust the most might one day turn into the person you hate the most and you now consider that person your enemy.

Rule #4

Don't say anything you wouldn't want on a billboard to someone.

Rule #5

Don't text and drive.

Rule #6

After thing you do online will affect you in the future when you're trying to get into university and landing a job.

Rule #7

Don't use private information online. Someone can easily spam you.

Rule #8

Don't cyberbully. It hurts a lot of people and will land you in major trouble.

Rule #9

Just because you deleted something doesn't mean its not there.

Rule #10

Be safe online. Don't message someone back if you don't know who they are.
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Its easy to get blackmailed if you message someone unknown back.