Grade 3 (Qur'an)

Newsletter #2: Where we are UOI2

What We Learned in This Unit?



  • The small Alif, Waaw, and Yaa, and how we reciting those letters.
  • Surat Al-Ghashiyah.
  • The meaning of Surat Al-Ghashiyah.

here is the link for the surah they are working on, my recommend that they listen to it :

Racing to please Allah

Mashaa Allah this racing made my students soo excited to memorize Qur'an, and most of them spend the entire class to memorize the new verses to be able to move with a car.

This “Race” has had a huge positive effect on students. The reward for finishing the race and getting to the finish line is the ability to move onto a different surah in the Quran (I did that with most of them when they finished). This has motivated students and increased friendly competition within the teams.