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K-5 PD Opportunities with Dr. Brian Kissel

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Meaningful, Sustained, Differentiated

As a former teacher and literacy coach, I believe the way to engage in meaningful professional development must be to do so in concert with teachers and administrators. I also believe the PD must be sustained and differentiated so it meets the specific needs of your school. Here are a list of my offerings:

Types of PD

About Dr. Brian Kissel

Brian Kissel, an educator for 20+ years, is a professor of Literacy and Elementary Education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. A former elementary school teacher and literacy coach, Brian teaches courses in writing instruction, digital literacy, and literacy development and instruction. He works with schools and school districts by providing professional development over the summer and throughout the school year.

Brian is the author of several book chapters and journal articles in journals such as The Reading Teacher, Language Arts, Educational Leadership, Young Children, Childhood Education, and Journal of Research in Childhood Education. He is the author of four books: The Literacy Coach's Companion, Perspectives and Provocations in Early Childhood, and What's New in Literacy Teaching. His fourth book, When Writers Drive the Workshop is now available through Stenhouse Publishers.

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For any questions, availability, and rate information, contact Brian in any of the following ways:
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