Bonai Elizabeth Littrell

Thesis Statement

Cyberbullying is a lot more serious of a situation than many people may think, and it is becoming much bigger of a problem as the year passes. Someone who is brave enough to stand themselves against cyberbullying, would stop from committing suicide.

Please Stop This Cyberbullying Madness!!

Ask your parents, grandparents, guardians, etc. even teachers in your school!! Stand up for yourself even if some kids call you a "snitch". You can't just let the bully mess with you every 24/7. Talk to someone you trust in school!! Even at home!! Please STAND UP FOR YOURSELF FOR CYBERBULLYING!!

Cyber Bullying PSA - A Film of a 13 Year Old

Why Is This Happening To Me?

This is about a little boy who was cyberbullied on Facebook, but someone came and told an adult before the bully ran away. The victim had no idea what to do to stop it but it just keeps happening to him.

This is Not Right....

This girl name Taylor goes on a website where she text people and send pictures on the internet. But suddenly, someone hacked into her account and cyberbullied her. Then it spread rumors to other people at school that bullied Taylor.

“Most Cases Aren’t Criminal” by Justin W. Patchin

Cyberbullying is almost criminal but not possibly. I think that the author would convince on anyone of this matter because they expect to behave and not bullying around on anyone.

“The vast majority of cyberbullying incidents can and should be handled outside the criminal justice system”(Patchin). He suggests that anyone could not cyberbully on the internet and that would be a very bad case of it.

"What Isn’t Known About Suicides" by Laurie L. Levenson

Cyberbullying may approached a victim to commit suicide, it is only in the rarest case that the bully will be expelled during the cause. Victims who are bullied that are going to commit suicide, will have a chance of killing themselves.

“Cyberbullying is growing and our legal system does not seem ready for it” (Levenson). Laurie means that people who stand up for bullying online, can be less defensive to cyberbullying. Besides, some children or teens will make suicide from their parents that they never know about. They may have a chance of committing suicide in their most private place or room.

"More Insidious Harassment" by Marlene Sandstrom

This cyberbullying is more like harassment. Most people who were bullied have been calling nasty names, and cursed names. Cyberbullying shares with many traditional forms of harassment, including a clear intent to harm people.

“It's hard for victims of online harassment to find a safe haven, since they can be tracked and bombarded constantly”(Sandstrom). She meant that there is no way to stop all of the harassment of cyberbullying. Some people who are the bully, should consult the consequences from the school who are threatening the victim with harassment online.

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